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Car door won’t close?

Big saggy door on your car got you down? If you’ve got an old car with doors that seem a little hard to close, and you don’t think spending money on this old thing is worth it. We may have a quick fix for you.  Now remember this is for older cars, and for people who want a quick fix, easy fix, cheap fix, I think you get it.

Here’s what some people have commented:

  • “No car jack, pin kit,  metal grinder, allen wrench, grease, screwdrivers, just a piece of f*cking wood? This I can do, Thanks!”
  • “this is very stupid just go out and buy a new pin it costs 10 for 2 pins”
  • “OMG Thankyou for this tip, I had a door problem that was 10 times worse than the door in this video. It worked like a dream and saved me a fortune in Garage bills, Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou You are a Genius”
  • “Sounds crazy but it works. I tried it on my 94 Altima and it works great.
  • “Get your big head out of the way you l long drawn out bore.”
  • “wtf are you doin???”
  • “what size of wood for 2002 camaro?


Clogged bathroom sink? Unplug it with no chemicals.

Slow moving water? Your main drain and draining the way it used to? This is how to unclog a bathroom sink… no chemicals, no plunger, no problem!

Here’s what some people have commented:

  • “Haha.. I tried a million things that didn’t work. In my search for ideas I stumbled across your video. I must admit I didn’t believe it would work, but I thought I might as well try it. I was so shocked to see that it worked like a charm! It doesn’t get much more simple than that. Thank you so much! :)”
  • “IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!! Wife poured a whole Liquid Plumber bottle that 24 hrs later was still there. So I bailed it out and used your method. First time it drained slowly so I hit it again forcefully and it cleared completely. Thanks for the easy tip netnaimo”
  • :I didn’t think it would work but it totally did! Thanks a million! This is the cheapest and easiest way to unclog a sink!”
  • “Was mildly skeptical but it worked a dang treat! Thank you kindly! 10/10”
  • yay!! It worked like a charm. Thank you sooo much for such a smart idea. Now the drain works like new again even before my husband back from work!!
  • This actually works lol I thought it was bs
  • Why does this have 41 dislikes? My sink was blocked with vomit and this worked! Thank you x
  • “wait what just happened and what did he say”


Dyson Handheld keeps turning off and on?

So, you got yourself a Dyson handheld DC model vacuum that keeps turning off after a few seconds of work? Well, try these tips and see if it helps at all.

Here’s what some people have commented:

  • My God this video changed my life. Wife was ready to trash my favorite gadget. Thanks
  • U have probably saved thousands of pounds for people with this fix…I’ve been using mine like this for years now!! I will pass this fix on to the rest of other suffering Dyson users like my mum for example.. Cheers fella u rock
  • Thanks alot. I was trying to disassemble the whole thing to check if it was electronics after trying to buy batteries for it. I have 2 orig batt so for them both to have the same problem was unlikely thats why i haven’t purchased any new battery. I just cut a piece of cardboard and wedge it in between the filter and switch (black rubber switch inside) and hey, presto. It works as you showed.
  • “Dude you just saved me $120 this has been driving my wife insane! Thanks for the tip”
  • You are hysterical and nothing short of a genius. Thanks. ” (as if I wasn’t gonna add this one.)
  • DUDE…..this video!!! My wife texts me on my way to work almost “Crying” because she loves our Dyson so much, watched this video and VOILA!!!! Amazing man, thanks, this fixed the exact same problem!
  • I seriously doubt this is actually the fix. My Dyson doesn’t even have the safety switch for the filter to press, but has the problem. It seems highly unlikely that I would have the same problem with a completely different cause.
  • OMG. You are incredible! I flipped the filter and – wham – problem solved! Thanks for you video. In sanely great advice!