How to Unclog a bathroom sink.

Bathroom sink draining slowly? Watch as we take you through a 2 step process on how to unclog your sink. Step 1 Get a rag. Step 2 Get a water bottle.

There’s no need to crawl under the sink, no toxic chemicals (actually no chemicals at all) no tools, no hose. No expensive plumber required! Yes you can restore your flow and drain the main vein. You can correct and clear this common problem yourself.

Unblock it, No Money. No Chemicals. No Problem. Keep it Green! Here’s what some of our happy viewers had to say:

“Thanks for this! Worked a treat for me! Good as new! Have a thumbs up from me!” Mike 

“I can’t believe this worked. Thank you so much.” Camila 

“Great video! Worked like a charm, just like that in a second!! Thanks so much!!!” Teresa 

“OMG IT WORKED!!!! you’re a genius!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!” Katkoot28 

“i had a reallyyyy clogged sink that was full and the water wouldn’t go down at all but this fixed it instantly” Explisitlynumb 

“Why does this have 41 dislikes? My sink was blocked with vomit and this worked! Thank you x” Kinga K

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