Sea Foam motor treatment

I had my doubt about Sea Foam motor treatment. But I thought I’d check it out since my mechanic buddy swears by it.

First of all let me say that I was shocked by how quickly it worked. I watched my dashboard sensor (it tells me the Litres/KM  I get) drop while I was driving. I usually get 7.4 Litres for 100 Kilometers or (31.78 Miles to the gallon) That’s pretty good.

With the Sea Foam it went to 6.6 L. to 100 KM or 35.63 Miles to the Gallon. BUT, what I wanted to know was how long would it last?

Well… We’re into our 4 tank of gas, I’ve had winter tires installed, it’s cold outside (so we have the first world problem of starting our car from inside the house) and if you didn’t know, winter weather means more fuel consumption. So how are we doing 4 tanks in? Well We’re at 7.1 L/KM and usually in the winter we sit at around 8.4 L/km.

So all in all I’m happy I put in my tank. When my L/Km starts moving back up there is a good chance I’ll throw in another bottle. Although I have been tempted to try Lucas in my tank… I’ve heard some good things about that stuff too. Maybe I’ll do a comparison between the two and let you know.

Watch the video and see real time to see Sea Foam in action.

Sea Foam motor treatment

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