Motivation… it seems that it’s not always easy to stay motivated. Some days I wake up and I’m ready to rock and roll, other days it’s just more roll or maybe rock (cause I’m not moving so much).

I notice that different things happening in my life lift and drop my motivation. Sometimes it’s the kids… “What are they up to now?” Other times I wonder how I’m going to get all the ideas in my head out and still other times I just wonder if anyone will really wants to read anything I write or care about anything I do.

We all worry about stuff. But the trick is getting past the worry and focusing on the things we can do. I’ll admit it’s often easier said than done. But how does one do it? How do you go from non-motivated to motivated? I think it’s starts by starting something and reminding yourself that success and goal achievement is not a one time thing. It’s not like you wake up one morning and your successful. You have to remind yourself that it’s all just one little step at a time.

I have a whole bunch of goals for this year. Today is January 6, I woke up this morning and thought… “Fuck me, I haven’t achieved anything yet this year.” then, I said to myself, “Dude, it’s January 6.” The thing is I look at the mountain ahead of me and I think it’s impossible to climb. Then, I remind myself that it’s a journey that starts with a step. If I take one small step at a time, I’ll be on my way.

Life is not going to stop getting in my way. There will always be things popping in and out of my life. There will be obstacles, holes in the ground and rivers to cross. I just need to focus on my goals and keep moving. I just need to make sure my goals are clear and that I have broken them down in small chewable sizes.

There is one more thing I have to keep reminding myself too. I am not alone. I need to ask for help. Look around you and find those people who can encourage you, who can push you up and look to those folks in your life who are ahead of you and can pull you up. Find those mentors ask those questions seek out help and of course go out and help others.

Here’s a tip for you… listen to a few motivational podcasts or videos. You’ll soon be reminded that no one does anything alone and that people make it all the time.

My old Pappy used to say, “If you’re the smartest man in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

Good luck and happy journey,


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