Tutu the spider

Meet Tutu the spider, she is Taran’s little sister.
Tutu is a one of a kind creature ready to be adopted by a loving, caring family. She’s made with 100% love, from her metal spine to her 100% polyester fur and stuffing.
She’s cuddly, kissable, soft and warm. Just like a spider should be.

Meet Taran, he’s Tutu’s big brother.
He’s a large poseable one of a kind spider who is about 20 inches by 15 inches.
Like most spiders Taran is cute and cuddly and he makes a great decorative stuffy for your bed, couch or some other spiderless corner of your home.

Are you a little mischievous? Know someone who’s “playfully annoying”?
“Dark Chuckle” is a naughty, and some might even say impish work of art. Canadian artist Sharla Clermont offers up something a little unusual with this piece.

It would make a great gift for that roguishly, slyly teasing person in your life.

Does light and whimsical sound like a good description of you?
Know someone in your life who’s a little fanciful and slightly unpredictable?

“Fantasy Flower” is a work of art Created by Sharla Clermont.

It would make a wonderful gift for that someone who’s hard to buy for.

Are you an animal lover? If so, then “Bunny in the Snow” may be for you.

This is an early work of Sharla’s she painted for her Grand-Father when she was sixteen years old (1986). It hung on his wall until his death in 2007.

This piece would look great in any child’s bedroom.

Let’s be honest we’re all children at heart and who doesn’t love bunnies?
This piece was originally created on canvas board with acrylic paints.

The Saxophone is another early work of art by Sharla Clermont. It was created in 1989 during her time at Medicine Hat College.

If you know someone who plays the magical musical wind instrument, this might be a winner.

This Saxophone was originally drawn on brown paper with pencil crayons.

A wonderful gift for that music lover who enjoys Jazz, Funk, R&B, Blues (you get the idea).

The small world of Eternal is experiencing strange events. Is it the fulfillment of ancient prophecies? Upal, Preet and Lashra now stand at the entrance of the dreaded Rubicon forest, questioning whether they should enter the place from where no one ever returns. Upal and his friends must find and reunite the “Armor of Peace” to save their world from death and destruction. Murder, danger and betrayal wait for them at every turn. Enter the Rubicon if you dare.

Reviewed in Canada on January 11, 2022
I loved the characters in this book! They had such great personalities and they felt so real that after I was done reading I almost believed I knew them. I would love to go on a real adventure with Lashra!