The ancient and traditional card game known as Cribbage, has evolved with the new Millennium! Only your well developed sense of humor can get you through the crazy-unpredictable-twists of fate created by the turn of a Wild card. Only your courage and intrepid sense of extreme adventure can see you through the end of a Wild Crib game! Only exhaustion can cause you to stop playing Wild! This is it! The sequel that’s beyond the prequel…
It’s Wild Crib time!

Wild-Crib is a party game! Add a deck and enjoy the Wild ride!


     Wild Cribbage is played by drawing one of 31 Wild Crib cards every time a multiple of five is counted during the play. For example, if the dealer opens with a 9 and the other player lays down a 6 , bringing the count to 15, the player would score 2 for 15 and then draw a Wild Crib card and follow the instructions on it.

     The instructions on a Wild Crib cards can be good or bad for the person drawing or his opponents. Some give you interesting scoring modifications based on the cards played (If you drew because of a run, double that score! Otherwise, everyone else gets a go!) or (Take 2 points for every 9 played! Lose 2 points for every 6 played!), others are very simple (“Take 2 points!”). Some can cause dramatic shifts in scoring (If it’s your Crib, double that score!) or  (Go back the number of points in the dealer’s Crib!)

     Some cards leave the player in the stinkhole. The stinkhole is a term for hole 120 on the Cribbage board. In Wild the stinkhole is wherever you draw one of the stinkhole cards. The only way to leave the stinkhole is by scoring one point (either by last card, his nobs, or a go). All other points are ignored until a one has been scored.

    Wild is all about the craziness, fun and conversations created by the turn of a Wild card. It’s a party game. If you’re tired of playing the same old cribbage game and you want to just let loose, this game is for you.

    A Wild Cribbage game is at it’s finest when played with 4 player and could drag a game late into the night. It’s high-grade when played with 3. It’s respectable with 2 players. And sad with only 1.
   Wild Crib… it’ll make you laugh and sometimes it’ll make you cry. Even trying to avoid getting a Wild card is part of the Wild crib game.

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