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Make me some bagels.

Bagels, I could probably just stop there. But, I won’t. Try this easy Bagel recipe and you’ll be eating in no time flat… when I say no time, I mean about an hour or so cause you have to let stuff sit and rise, but, that gives you time to clean up as it sits. Here we go…

Here’s what some people have commented:

  • “Aw man!  That was certainly the most straight-to-eating recipe yet I’ve seen on YT.  Thanks for posting!  Finished adding those ingredients to ye’ ole shopping list.”
  • “This recipe is so much simpler than all the others, thanks!
  • “Made this recipe turned out awesome! Thanks man.”
  • “made these Bagel’s to day my family loved them it took us back to New York…. Thank you for putting it out there”
  • “I find it interesting how you roll though dough out then shape it into a circle.. Most people just poke a hole in the dough ball.. Makes things a bit simpler”
  • “this is the best how-to video about bagels that I have found so far. well done, and thanks.
  • “I like your style of baking, no frills, no bullshit. You made bagels, end of story. I appreciate this recipe, gonna try soon. Thanks!