Blogging Crap with Chip

I love motivational talks. Some are good, some are bad and some are better.

I hate motivational talks. Some try to sell, some try to sell and others try to sell.

In my younger days I would listen to a variety of motivational speakers and to no ones surprise, I’d get all motivated for a few days. Then when I came down from my “motivational high” I would feel guilty for not being a success. One day I realized that most of the motivational speakers are all full of crap. Ok maybe not “full” but somewhat loaded up.

Motivational speakers are best known for selling the lie of a “perfect” life. Always happy, always content, always positive, always living in a constant state of paradisiacal joy. I’m pretty sure that no one can be happy all the time. The problem is, some people watch this and wonder why they can’t achieve “permanent happiness”. Is there something wrong with me?

No there isn’t anything wrong with you. Look, if we had only sunshine we’d long for the rain and if we only had rain, we’d rejoice in seeing the sun. If you are happy “all” the time then how do you know you’re happy. It’s because we struggle that we recognize when life is more of a breeze. So, should we go looking for misery? No. Misery will find you at some point.

Shit happens to everyone, yes, everyone. I try to be happy all the time. I work on it by going for walks, listening to motivational speakers, hugging my wife and children and so on. I would say that I am happy most of the time. But when I’m not happy, when I’m sad or struggling with my mental health… I try real hard not to feel guilty or soak in it. I try to remind myself that I know what happiness is and that I will get there again. I meditate and talk about why I’m feeling the way I do.


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