Constant Reboot

Is your Android phone in a constant and continual reboot loop? Maybe you’re talking or texting then all of sudden your phone decides to do a reset. These random starts can sometimes be easily fixed.

There’s no software to download and almost no skills required. It took me two weeks of frustration to figure it out.

This may be my easiest fix ever. (after the unclogging of the bathroom sink solution)

Incase you have doubts here are some comments from some peeps.

Thanks man, this worked for me. I tripped on a cable which was plugged into my phone, making it fall on the ground so I gave this a go and it worked, no issues at all for a few hours now.👍 -Zippity Zoop

All the dislikes were a red flag, but it actually worked. After months of frustration with my Z1, this worked. Thumbs up! Cheers! -mi24hind

I have been frustrated for days and this video really helped was like u were talking to m e when u described the issue.great stuff man!! -Bamby Swag

Thanks a lot man! It actually worked! My wife thinks I’m her tech hero now -Ashley K.

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