The Joy Of Vegan

Welcome to the joy of vegan my friend. We’ll be cooking up some wonderful food together and sharing the joy of Vegan cooking and planet loving. We’ll cook, we’ll upcycle, we’ll reuse, reduce and recycle, our little world will be the better for it.

All our ideas are a family affair, Chip, Honey, Ravah and Pebbles, we’ll all be putting in our input and trying to make all our ideas better.

Join us as we build and add new videos to our site. The first few videos are older ones we made, and new ones will be coming as soon as September and if all goes well, maybe sooner.

Ok, so let’s get her done and God bless my friends.

Chip and Honey Toodee

Mini Corn dog muffins, it’s easy, it’s fun and kids love to eat them. This is a great idea for a kids party or the football game.

Brownies, the food you love to love. This classic desert treat will satisfy everyone on the list.
Vegan Cookies made with the classic peanut butter twist… mmm peanut butter.
I just couldn’t stop adding all the berries to my muffins, I went crazy with them… who puts over 3 cups of berries and more fruit in muffins… I do.
Vegan Bagels, their bagels, I can’t say it any other way… bagels.