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Who am I?

    ‘Twas just about midnight, I looked out the window. I saw what I saw, but, It couldn’t have been so. I observed looking up, In the night sky to see, It was old Kris Kringle, Sitting there on a tree. ‘Twas the craziest thing, So, I squinted my eyes. Santa had something, Between…

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Education is the key to a country’s success.

If we want our country to succeed, we need to offer the best education possible. We also need to offer it at an affordable price. The following are some basic ideas of how Canada could offer post secondary education at a reasonable price and help stop the bleeding of the student loans program.  In 2015…

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Dear Mr. Prime Minister Trudeau (regarding student loans)

Mr. Trudeau, do you need help with revamping Student loan rules and regulations? Here’s a little advice.   Hey there Mr. Trudeau, now let’s go get things done. You’ve got a majority… yes, that means you won. You want to change the world, come on now and let’s go Let’s help the kids at home,…

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Dear Santa

I have food in my cupboards, And food in the fridge. I have stuff in the freezer, My pantry a smidge. Over my head there’s a roof, And heat in the place. (never enough for my girls), But, ample for grace. I have two socks for my shoes, A coat, scarf and hat. My trousers…

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Random Writes

My Robot

I don’t need a woman to satisfy me, I’ve got my robot and she is she. I don’t need a woman, who doesn’t do, I’ve got my robot, how about you. Slowly, yes slowly over the years, My love for her grows, I shed no tears. She’s there for me now and whenever I want,…

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