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Dear Mr. Prime Minister Trudeau (regarding student loans)

Mr. Trudeau, do you need help with revamping Student loan rules and regulations? Here’s a little advice.   Hey there Mr. Trudeau, now let’s go get things done. You’ve got a majority… yes, that means you won. You want to change the world, come on now and let’s go Let’s help the kids at home,…

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Dear Santa

I have food in my cupboards, And food in the fridge. I have stuff in the freezer, My pantry a smidge. Over my head there’s a roof, And heat in the place. (never enough for my girls), But, ample for grace. I have two socks for my shoes, A coat, scarf and hat. My trousers…

Random Writes

My Robot

I don’t need a woman to satisfy me, I’ve got my robot and she is she. I don’t need a woman, who doesn’t do, I’ve got my robot, how about you. Slowly, yes slowly over the years, My love for her grows, I shed no tears. She’s there for me now and whenever I want,…

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