Building crap with Chip

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Season One.

Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose, Reprocess, Rehash or Upcycle what ever you want to call it, it’s fun. What will Chip build this week? Well, you’ll know as soon as he does. Watch his ADHD mind flip and flop as he builds his crap. He’ll be building new things out of old things, it may not be pretty, but it sure is fun.


Episode 1:
In the first episode Chip takes you through some of the crap he’s built in the past.
Episode 2:
Chip’s got a BBQ to deal with, and the wheels are turning. What’s this BBQ going to become?
Episode 3:
In this third episode Chip tries and fails to fix a power washer gun, but on the bright side he reviews the tape he used to try to fix it. Can you guess where the blame goes?
Episode 4:
Chip looking at some old vintage 2×4 scaffold material. It’s got him himmin and hawin. Now what’s going to happen?
Episode 5:
In this episode four point fourish, Chip finishes the scaffolding thing he’s been working on. What will it be in the end?
Episode 6:
Chip is still struggling with fixing the pressure washer, will he be able to solve the problem using crap from his back yard?
Episode 7
Chip gives it his all to find a solution to the power washer situation… will he finally have a winner, will there be a chicken dinner?
Episode 8
Chip finds some old boot mats and tries to use up a few more two by fours to create a “self a la crap.
Episode 9
Chip uses an old wooden plant box and turns it into something less useful. Surprised? Don’t be, after all this is Building Crap with Chip.