Month: May 2020

Garbage Solution Part Deux

Step two: If you’re slightly confused by my starting with step two, it’s probably because you haven’t read the post that goes before this one. So go back one day in time and read that one first. I won’t say you’ll be glad you did, but at least you’ll be caught up to this ADHD mind. Well, not caught up, but at least stuck in the seat of the rollercoaster that is my thinker.

The second step of the Tempered Crap Glass dream is to help the homeless. How does Crap Glass help the homeless? Thanks for asking. I envision every municipality having  a TCG collection site, where people could bring all of their discarded and useless materials and scraps found on the streets, in ditches etc. These things would be brought to the collection site where people would receive a credit instead of being charged for dumping.

Before I go any further I would like to note that changes would have to be made in the way most cities collect garbage, recycling and compost. You wouldn’t want people adding to the waste just to make a buck. (We’ll write about that idea later.)

I see it working kind of like this… The TGC site has a collection area, a homeless/forgotten person brings their crap and through some type of system (let’s say by weight) they get a credit. Each person would sign up for an account. Once our homeless/forgotten person who we’ll call Pat has signed up he/she can now begin collecting credits that can be used at the TCG site.

How things work:

  1. Pat signs up for an account.
  2. Pat then receives a cell phone (these would be old cell phones that are donated) the cell phones would have no plan, but could be used for 911 emergencies and could also be used to access the free wifi at the TGC  and other places wifi is available. Pat would also be able to take a free course on how to use the phone.
  3. Pat would then download the TCG App. The App would allow Pat to keep track of his or her credits and also allow them to share and spend credits at the TCG. Everytime product is brought into the TCG, the app would be scanned by employees and credit would be given.

Every TGC site would be built with a number of amenities such as:

  1. Restaurants, Pat and his friends could use their credits to eat. These restaurants would be run by people who were formerly homeless. I believe that by sitting, eating and ordering in a restaurant is good for struggling people. Being served gives one a sense of value and respect. (Small steps)
  2. The TGC site would also have sleeping pods that Pat could rent using their credits. Rules and regulations would be put in place. One night per pod, this way pods could be cleaned and maintained on a daily basis. These pods would be cleaned and maintained by formerly homeless people too.
  3. With their credits people would also have access to lockers and showers.
  4. All TCGs would also have thrift stores onsite.
  5. Drug rehabilitation would also be available to those wanting and needing it.

As those using the facilities begin to accept that they have value and many things to offer society, they’re self worth will grow and by having access to work in the restaurant, the thrift  and other departments they’ll begin to make a life for themselves.

The point of this brainstorm is not to fix the world’s problems, it’s to fix our problem with the world. Nothing can replace education. What we need to do is add to it, with love and charity. We can help others by valuing them and in doing so we give them a sense of self worth. That’s where it all starts. Solutions for almost every problem can be found if we just get together and brainstorm. The crazier the idea the better.

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Chip and Honey Toodee

Garbage Solution

I love brainstorming and the crazy ideas people can come up with. As my old Step-Pappy used to say, “Don’t bring me a problem without bringing me two possible solutions to go with it.” I always say, “Think together, we do better.”

So, what do we do with all this garbage we have? Is there a solution to all the crap that’s out there? I have a solution, it may not be the best and all out clear winning solution that will appease everyone, but it’s a solution that I think can be worked on and improved as we learn to make better choices on packaging and all the crap we make. (sorry for the run on sentence)

Step one: Picture a big manufacturing building that would hold all the refuse that is not recyclable, all that waste that we throw into our landfills. Then throw in all the waste that’s supposed to be recycled but just gets sent to another country so they can burn it and add that to the pile. As you and I know, that’s a lot of rubbish that’s taking up a copious amount of space.

All the products that get delivered to this structure gets thrown onto a large belt, the materials then pass through and under a giant toothed wheel that crushes and breaks apart all the garbage. All this stuff gets dumped into a colossal lava like bowl. The lava is liquid glass. The litter mixes into the liquid glass and then is dumped into “lego” like forms of all sizes.

These tempered glass “lego” blocks are then sold onsite and delivered to hardware stores across the country, where they can be sold to the people who are responsible for all the garbage in them. Yes, “Tempered Crap Glass” can be yours to use as you wish. You could build a fence, a retaining wall, a kids playhouse, heck you could even build your  new home with the blocks.

This new “Tempered Crap Glass or TCG” as I call it would also be used to make interlocking puzzle slabs that could be used to create driveways, sidewalks and maybe even the roads in your hometown. We could also create a TCG shingle  for your roof. Add a little color to boost the look and Voila.

Tempered Crap Glass would hold on to all the garbage and because no air gets access to it, it would not biodegrade. Oh but what about the look of it? Suck it up buttercup, this would be a generational reminder of all the crap we created over the years. Once a better solution is found we could then crush and re-work the TCG into other things that we don’t know or understand today.

I think TCG could eliminate a lot of the poisons going into our air, oceans and groundwater.

How do we finance such an idea? Money could be generated by charging cities a garbage collection fee. Cities already charge some kind of tax on garbage collection, this would be moved to TCG manufacturing. Think about it…cities could actually be making money on garbage and thus in the long run reduce tax to its citizens. The “new tax” would be people buying TCG for building materials such as retaining walls, shingles and driveways.

Is Crap Glass a crazy idea… I hope so. Do we constantly want to be reminded of all the crap we put out there? Probably not, but should we be reminded? I say, yes. Let us live with the reality of the crap we use and throw out until we create a better solution.

Tomorrow we’ll be introducing step two, a part of the plan that will help reduce homelessness, create jobs and add value to individual lives.

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Chip and Honey Toodee