What makes you feel loved?

When you begin a new relationship, everything is so wonderful… For the first few months of new love, we tend to use all the five languages of love.

  • Gift Giving (restaurant outings, making things, buying stuff)
  • Quality Time (restaurant outings, walks, movie watching, playing games)
  • Physical Touch (holding hands, massages, basically touching each other)
  • Acts of Service (massages, doing the dishes, helping clean, fixing things, walking his or her dog, picking them up from work)
  • Words of Affirmation ( I love you, you’re so nice, thanks for doing that, you’re so good at…)

But as the relationship grows, we tend to fall back on the language we prefer to receive and focus on that one, for the other person. The problem with that, is , that it may not be their love language. We would suggest that if you’re serious about the relationship you’re in, that you go and take the online test, and figure out what your love languages are.

Once you know what each other’s love language, you can focus on doing it. That doesn’t mean you avoid the others all together. It just means you know what to focus on. That said, this will not give you the perfect relationship, it’s not a magic cure all. What it is, is a starting point to build a strong and long lasting relationship. In the next few Relationship blog posts we’ll be talking about other skills you’ll want to build to make or keep that relationship moving towards everlasting love.

Some topics we’ll be approaching are:

  • How to argue
  • Fighting, it’s a mental problem
  • Here’s my button… do you want to push it.
  • I’m sorry
  • Forgiveness means never forgetting
  • If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all
  • Kiss me
  • … and more

Come back soon.

Chip & Honey Toodee

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