Random Writes

Times they’re still changing.

Sung to the music of Bob Dylan’s Time they are a changin’


Come gather around people with all your cell phones

Your texting and tweeting but you’re really alone

And your uploads and downloads to slow you bemoan

and the faster speeds you are cravin’

You think that you’re living except you’re really a drone

It’s your life you are exchanging


Come trollers and haters, you’re not women not men

It may never change, if so, I ask when

And you judge everything, by the color of skin

It’s your own lives that you are now maimin’

You think that your clean, you’re living in sin

It’s your life you are exchanging


Come sinners and righteous, the big and the small

It’s time that we stand, and start feeling appalled

There’s an upgrade here that must be now installed

We are all disengagin’

keep charging you cell phone that’s how it forestalls

It’s your life you are exchanging


Come users and losers let’s make a stand

It’s our minds and our hearts we need to expand

Not data or memory of that thing in your hand

Your future is what you are waging

Raise your head look around please don’t misunderstand

It’s your life you are exchanging


Don’t wait for the time, when we stand aghast

Posing questions that should have been asked

Time is precious, you can’t live in the past

I despair that I’m not persuading

Because time moves and it only moves fast

It’s your life you are exchanging

Written by Patrick Clermont

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