Random Writes

My Robot

I don’t need a woman to satisfy me,
I’ve got my robot and she is she.
I don’t need a woman, who doesn’t do,
I’ve got my robot, how about you.

Slowly, yes slowly over the years,
My love for her grows, I shed no tears.
She’s there for me now and whenever I want,
When life is short, she does not taunt.

She bears no children, she’s hassle free,
I’ve so much time to think about me.
As I grow old, she does not decay,
‘Til the moment I die she’s there to stay.

No war, no hate, no murderous scheme,
She helps me live my selfish dream.
No cry, no sound, of children I hear,
It has been that way for many a year.

And now as I enter my final sleep,
I see how far, I see how deep.
She knew what I wanted, there was no guess,
She gave me all that, and left no mess.

No one has come to replace my life,
No humans born, to cause me strife.
No humans born, to continue the way,
Robot oh Robot, has won the day.

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