Dear Santa

I have food in my cupboards,
And food in the fridge.
I have stuff in the freezer,
My pantry a smidge.

Over my head there’s a roof,
And heat in the place.
(never enough for my girls),
But, ample for grace.

I have two socks for my shoes,
A coat, scarf and hat.
My trousers need no mending,
My shirts are pressed flat.

I have family and allies,
In love we do share.
I abide in a country,
Where freedom’s like air.

I possess all essentials,
For Christmas this year.
So, if you must pass me by,
Please be of good cheer.

Get-up-and-go spend more time,
With people in need.
And I’ll try to help you out,
With a pleasing deed.

When I see you circling,
My stop you wont make.
I’ll remember you’re working,
At easing heart ache.

Merry Christmas.

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